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Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was Swedish and lived from 1688 to 1772, a scientist, philosopher and Christian visionary.

Portrait of Emanuel Swedenborg.

His books, written in Latin, are hardly bedtime reading! They have been translated into various languages but can seem tough going. Probably this is why they have never had popular appeal. Also his intention was not simply to describe the existence to come - his many books cover a very extensive range of topics, such as the inner meaning of various books of The Bible. Whilst not exactly a code in the strict sense, he takes books such as Genesis and Exodus verse by verse and gives an 'internal' meaning beyond the apparent history. For example, the journeys of the Children of Israel are shown to represent the experiences and progress of a human mind throughout life.

But his books contain so much more!

He had no intention of setting up a new faith, though the small New Church was created by people who became attracted to his ideas. But his philosophy has spread more widely, which was his expectation. Examples may be seen at The Swedenborg Society.

Something of the man can be seen in a recent biography, 'Swedenborg's Secret', by Lars Bergquist (see Resources). This shows the ennobled Swedenborg in the political setting of 18th century Sweden with his very considerable scientific knowledge, fluency in various languages, excellent intelligence and his courteous and charming demeanour, together with his revelations. It is the result of prodigious research and, moreover, is very readable.

Life After Life

The widely acclaimed book 'Life After Life', by Dr Raymond A Moody, describes many near death experiences - a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Many of the subjects of his researches give descriptions that accord remarkably with Swedenborg's account of the transition between this world and the next (see Resources).

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